Cross-Professional Supervision

I trained as a supervisor in 2014 and since then I’ve work for the past number of years as a Cross-Professional Supervisor.
Supervision is a professional relationship involving two people, the supervisor and the supervisee, where the supervisor offers the supervisee three explicit means to advance his/her professional development
1. Educative or Formative opportunities
2. Supportive and Restorative opportunities
3. Managerial or Normative opportunities
I offer supervision to fellow accredited professionals, with those working towards professional accreditation and those in training who are beginning their professional career.
As a supervisor I’ve aimed to create a safe and supportive environment that welcomes all aspects of the supervisee, their particular practice, their clients, and their specific theoretical systems. I aim as a supervisor to help supervisees incorporate their unique personality and approach within their professional boundaries.
The supervision encounter aims to be a trustworthy and transformative process.
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Philip O’Rourke